About Moore Basketball


MooreBasketball is my outlet for all NBA thoughts. My name is Riley Moore and I am a corporate lawyer in Chicago, Stanford Law alum, and aspiring member of an NBA front office. My main thoughts here are salary cap focused and about the process of not only building a successful NBA team, but also sustaining it both on the court and on the cap sheet. I’m a self-proclaimed capologist and NBA CBA expert, but I’m continually learning more about both things as well as the business of basketball.

This isn’t a big operation; it’s just me. I try to keep up with all the NBA happenings as they come up. While I don’t imagine this website will reach the masses, if you do happen to follow it, I’ll do my best to consistently add content. Content will consist of articles on players and teams, both as it relates to action on the court and trades, free agency, and general salary cap articles.

You can follow me on Twitter @Moore_Bball. If you have any questions or would like to contact me, you can email me at moorebball@outlook.com.


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