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CBA Comparison Chart (2011 vs. 2017)

The link below will take you to a CBA Comparison Chart detailing substantive changes made to the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, dated January 19, 2017, since the last version, dated December 2011. NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement Comparison Chart (2011 vs. 2017) This chart is organized by category and contains nine different sections: I. Team Salary, Exceptions and […]

What Should the Lakers Pay Jordan Clarkson

I. Introduction Once the Los Angeles Lakers submit a Qualifying Offer (“QO”) to Jordan Clarkson, he will become a restricted free agent (“RFA”) on July 1. Because Jordan Clarkson has only been in the NBA for two seasons, his restricted free agency period will be subject to the Gilbert Arenas Provision (making Clarkson an “Arenas RFA”). […]

LeBron James’ Contract Options and Earning Potential

LeBron James just capped off his 12th season in the NBA with his third Larry O’Brien trophy. In just his second year back in Cleveland, he brought an NBA Championship to the city that hasn’t seen a title in over 50 years, arguably his greatest accomplishment to date. Despite the win, LeBron is expected to opt out of […]

How it Works: The Gilbert Arenas Provision

  Restricted free agency exists so teams can control the young players they took the time, money, and effort to develop. In restricted free agency, teams are given first refusal rights to prevent their players from leaving for other teams so long as they are willing to pay what the market is offering. It is a […]

How It Works: Draft Rights and Signing Draft Picks

Introduction The NBA Draft is an exciting time for teams and fans alike who see it as the best chance to build for the future. Teams in the lottery hope to find franchise building blocks while other teams try to find the most value at their respective draft positions and hope their selections develop beyond […]

The Long-Term Injury Provision: What if Chris Bosh Can’t Play Again?

For Chris Bosh, the past two seasons have ended with serious health scares that forced him to sit out the remainder of the Miami Heat’s regular season games and, this year, their playoff run. A sure-fire Hall of Famer, we’d all love to see Bosh go out on his own terms – a decision made by […]

How it Works: Player Bonuses

Players can negotiate different bonuses into their contracts and while they often get reported, the variety and mechanics of player bonuses are not often explained. This post will explain the different types of player bonuses, how they affect a player’s cap hit, and the basics of how they work. It’s easiest to start with a couple of […]

How It Works: Calculating Cap Space

I. Intro If you just look at the contracts on the books next season, there is an ungodly amount of money for teams to throw around this offseason. We’re looking at over $45,000,000 of open “space” for some teams to fill with multiple max players that will undoubtedly bring their franchise to the promise land. Unfortunately, […]

How it Works: The Waiver Procedure and Contract Buyouts

Introduction A buyout is a popular tool front offices use to decrease their team salary and part with a player who is still under a large contract. It’s often used for veterans on a bad team who want to join a playoff team and are underperforming their current salary. The rules are slightly complicated and […]

How it Works: The 10-Day Contract

Beginning last Tuesday, January 5th teams could enter into 10-day contracts with free agents. The basics of 10-day contracts are easy enough: they last for 10 days, they are for a relatively small sum of money, and teams use them to fill holes in their line-ups, especially when injuries arise. This post will lay out […]