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Attn: Team Salaries Need Updating

Team Salaries will be updated between now and the end July Moratorium. I found a few mistakes and need to update player option decisions, retired players, and last minute trades so offseason trade calculations can be made off of my numbers. Stay tuned!

Sacramento Kings Offseason Strategy Report

Team Salary and Exceptions Snapshot Key: Green Background: Player Option Blue Background: Team Option Red Text: Qualifying Offer Gray Text: Non-guaranteed money Notes: 10-day contracts in Dead Money reflect the full amount, not their prorated nature. Derrick Williams will not meet starter criteria. Qualifying Offer is the same as the Qualifying Offer for the 15th […]

A Look Back: Andrew Wiggins Kansas Scouting Report

Below is a scouting report on Andrew Wiggins that I completed last May for a member of an NBA front office. With the end of the college season coming up in about a month and the scrutiny¬†of a new draft class just picking up, I thought it would be fun to look back on some […]

The Goran Dragic Decision

There has been a severe uptick in trade talks involving the Suns since just before the All-Star break. Goran Dragic is apparently attracting a lot of interest from the Rockets, Knicks, and Lakers looking to acquire Dragic before the deadline passes this Thursday on February 19th. Houston is the only team that would benefit on […]

Team Salaries Coming Soon!

I am in the process of finalizing and uploading the salary cap information of all 30 NBA teams including notes on how much cap space they have, whether they are above the luxury tax, and the number and dollar amounts of their trade exceptions. I tried to make them as detailed as possible while keeping […]

Trade Deadline Scenarios Pt. 2

Trade Scenario #1 This is a three-team deal involving the Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets, and Charlotte Hornets. GSW gets: Wilson Chandler DEN gets: Lance Stephenson, Gerald Henderson, 2015 1st Rd (CHA) CHA gets: Andre Iguodala, Aaron Afflalo Why Golden State Does It If you look at my previous post, Trade Deadline Scenarios Pt. 1, […]

Trade Deadline Scenarios Pt. 1: Contender-Tweaking Big Deals

Trade Scenario #1 The first trade is a four-team deal involving Golden State, the Denver Nuggets, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the New York Knicks. GSW gets: Wilson Chandler (DEN), Darrell Arthur (DEN), and Jason Smith (NYK) DEN gets: Andre Iguodala (GSW), Jose Calderon (NYK), Cleanthony Early (NYK), 2018 First Rd Pick (NYK), 2016 Second Rd […]