Last week Real GM wrote a small piece on Dwight Howard’s happiness (or lack thereof) in Houston. In it, a prediction was made that during this season Howard would be traded to Miami for Hassan Whiteside. The crux of this prediction was that Miami would have a difficult time signing Whiteside due to his contract […]


Former Brooklyn Nets Assistant GM Bobby Marks suggested during opening night of the NBA season that the NBA should have a Steph Curry Rule, allowing players to renegotiate their contracts even if their teams are over the cap. The full tweet can be seen here: NBA should have the “Steph Curry” rule. The ability to […]

As mentioned in my Tristan Thompson piece, the Cleveland Cavaliers do have the option to sign-and-trade Thompson. If this ever came to fruition, the Cavs could only receive future assets and a trade exception in return. The trade exception, however, would not reflect whatever Thompson’s new salary would be. Instead, the exception is limited by […]

On October 1st at midnight Tristan Thompson let his qualifying offer with the Cleveland Cavaliers expire. The Cavs declined to offer Thompson a new contract that was acceptable to him and his agent and Thompson was unwilling to sign a $6,777,589 qualifying offer and play one year for less than his perceived market value. By […]

Updating the Team Salaries took a little longer than expected as I was in the midst of studying for the Illinois Bar Exam. I have updated the salaries and they will be posted soon. They should be even more accurate than the salaries posted for last season. It should be noted that the salaries will […]

Intro Atlanta was one of the most fascinating teams this season with their assist- and motion-heavy offense. Unfortunately, due to postseason injuries and running into someone named LeBron James, they did not get the opportunity to reach their ultimate goal and compete for an NBA title. This offseason two of their best players, Paul Millsap […]

Team Salaries will be updated between now and the end July Moratorium. I found a few mistakes and need to update player option decisions, retired players, and last minute trades so offseason trade calculations can be made off of my numbers. Stay tuned!

The practice of drafting an international players and then stashing them overseas (the “Eurostash”) is common, but the logistics of it from a team and salary cap perspective are not often discussed. This post explains how Eurostashing works, the rules behind it, and the salary cap consequences of this practice. If an international player is […]

Team Salary and Exceptions Snapshot Key: Green Background: Player Option Blue Background: Team Option Red Text: Qualifying Offer Gray Text: Non-guaranteed money Notes: 10-day contracts in Dead Money reflect the full amount, not their prorated nature. Derrick Williams will not meet starter criteria. Qualifying Offer is the same as the Qualifying Offer for the 15th […]

Below is a scouting report on Andrew Wiggins that I completed last May for a member of an NBA front office. With the end of the college season coming up in about a month and the scrutiny of a new draft class just picking up, I thought it would be fun to look back on some […]