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CBA Comparison Chart (2011 vs. 2017)

The link below will take you to a CBA Comparison Chart detailing substantive changes made to the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, dated January 19, 2017, since the last version, dated December 2011. NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement Comparison Chart (2011 vs. 2017) This chart is organized by category and contains nine different sections: I. Team Salary, Exceptions and […]

How it Works: Player Bonuses

Players can negotiate different bonuses into their contracts and while they often get reported, the variety and mechanics of player bonuses are not often explained. This post will explain the different types of player bonuses, how they affect a player’s cap hit, and the basics of how they work. It’s easiest to start with a couple of […]

The Steph Curry Rule

Former Brooklyn Nets Assistant GM Bobby Marks suggested during opening night of the NBA season that the NBA should have a Steph Curry Rule, allowing players to renegotiate their contracts even if their teams are over the cap. The full tweet can be seen here: NBA should have the “Steph Curry” rule. The ability to […]